This week’s episode is just Chris and Wes. Don’t worry it’s not all politics. Listen in as they talk about their recent experience at Awesome Con in Washington DC and make some plans for Tidewater Comic Con 12-13 May. Pay attention to the dangers of sex and hams. So crawl into those safe spaces and prepared to be entertained. As an added bonus Wes added an unaired episode that would have been the original episode 30 but didn’t even come close to an executable quality. It’s been tweaked and cleaned as much as possible. If you can handle it listen to Mitch, Wes and Chris banter on about candles and kegals.  (audio of the added pod in the end, again, is rough but just wanted to share a little treat)

Intro Music: A_rival “8-bit Pimp”

End Music: Louis Lingg and the Bombs “WTF”

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