The second installment of the Awesome Con podcast adventure from Man Points! This weeks episode we talk with some amazing people. Listen in as we talk to Aftershock Comics and Wolverine Origins creator, writer and all around comics rockstar Paul Jenkins. This man is a true pioneer and a pleasure to talk with. Thanks Wu! Then we talk with Jermey London, actor of Mall Rats and Party of Five fame. Listen in as we pitch Dwuber to him. Then we meet with Seth Ferranti a writer of books, comic and producer of short films. Follow his story from Drug dealer, Prison to Creator of many different stories. He’s followed up by the actors and director of the web series “Swords of Insurgency” and “The Arcane Wars”.  All of this is followed up by the closure to our long standing question as AMCs Comic book Man and Podcast legend Ming Chen returns to finish the debate. Thor has spoken. So enjoy!

Aftershock Comics:

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