Not only is this episode a few days late but to add to it we have a slight technical SNAFU as the last 15 minutes are gone. ┬áSometimes with a call in Leland screws it all up for the rest of us, but don’t worry what is there is worth it. We start out light with the iPhone 7 and the special upgrade you can do yourself. Work our way to the allergic generation and how it ruined the Emmys. Leland lets us in on some of his in-depth discussion with a millennial co-worker. We answer the question as to why plus size clothing costs more and of course we do it subtly and with compassion. Is it OK to find your childhood crush attractive as an adult? We’ll tell you. Being offended is a choice so don’t be a Sally, Man Up and listen up and next week we’ll ensure Leland doesn’t ruin the audio or hopefully doesn’t stand in the middle of an LZ while recording.

Intro Music: A_rival “8-bit Pimp”

Ending Music: Midway Still “Your last mistake”

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