This week’s episode has only three of the guys but thanks to a listener’s input it leads to some good stuff. Listen as the guys are brought to a new low by a outside suggestion for a product name. They ponder Mitch’s life expectancy due to the care at the VA hospital. Is there a VA emergency room? Leland and Chris discuss their man crush on Luke Cage and the marvel universe. Wes ponders life as a clown. This week they catch up on a Man of the Week listener’s suggestion and in doing so try to figure out what could be for dinner. So crawl into your safe space, curl up in your security blanket and get ready to be triggered, you Sally. Oh and Susan the ending song is dedicated to what you’ve caused us to become on this episode.

Intro Music: A_rival “8-bit Pimp”

Exit Music: Chiwawa “Hell sweet Hell”

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Politicians Referenced:

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Pop Culture references:

Luke Cage

Jessica Jones





Side Boob



Afterburner 739 Podcast

Military References:

VA Hospital

Chris is a douche

Wes is blind

Leland is lost

Mitch may be dead



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